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t Morgan

Kit started playing the guitar at the age of 11 after see Jimi Hendrix on ‘Top of the Pops’. By 13 Kit was playing in a ‘Functions’ ban two or three times a week and having to learn to play everything from Waltzes and square tangos through to Rock and Roll and the chart hits of the time.

At the of 17 Kit landed his first professional touring job with ‘60’s heart throb Billy J. Kramer, then after a year moved to Blackpool. Playing (often 7 nights a week) various cabaret venues. Joined Guys and Dolls (Eurovision winners) touring flat out for 8 months or so before returning to the North London area doing Jazz gigs for pleasure and Country and Western gigs as they paid best at the time.

Many appearance (often ‘in character’) at the Bristol Old Vic followed, interspersed with work for Michael Barrymore, Lulu, Wall Street Crash and the like. Kit also spent over a year jet setting with violinist Vanesa Mae before concentrating once again on work closer to home. He then started doing regular recording sessions for local TV and Film composers, working on many drama projects and a countless number of wildlife programs including most of the David Attenborough series over the past 15 years.

In the past 6 years Kit has spent time on tour (mostly in the USA) with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) as well as producing a ‘Relaxation’ CD for New World Music (which is now featured on B.A. long haul Flights) and doing recording work with Goldfrappe and Massive Attack. He’s also busy as the Musical Director for a local theatre company, the Ministry of Entertainment, producing backing tracks for the musical numbers as well as all the sound effects and underscores.

Kit can often be found doing duo gigs with his daughter Jo, or my ‘Pension Plan’ as he now calls her!