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Paul Sax –

Paul Sax was born to the sound of his dad practicing the violin!  Paul’s dad was a top player who played with many of the greats from Frank Sinatra to The Beatles and was determined that his son should play classical violin. Despite being chosen in the first intake in the Yehudi Menuhin school at 11 years old, Paul was not keen on this idea and managed to get himself expelled, whereupon he gave up playing altogether during his teen years. It was eight years before he thought to pick it up again and play with friends for fun.

The fiddle was also a fine traveling companion, accompanying and feeding Paul during years of wandering the towns and cities of Europe and beyond.

This led to meeting good musical partners and forming a group that returned to the UK and became The Streetband then One Eyed Jack. Paul subsequently went on to play with many acts including The Lost T-shirts of Atlantis and The Howling Sleepers before meeting Sonja in 1989 and helping her form The Acid Folk project.

Paul and Sonja kept in touch over the next few years while he went on to play with Praying For The Rain, FOS Brothers and The Huckleberries and he was therefore immediately her choice of replacement when Darryl couldn't join the others for the 2009 tour.

Paul has a very individual style of playing which has fitted well into the re-formed Curved Air, adding a new element while also acknowledging the wonderful violin playing that has always been a hallmark of the band.