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  • About Curved Air (2023)

    Considered (according to AllMusic) "one of the most dramatically accomplished of all the bands lumped into Britain's late-'60s prog explosion", Curved Air is a pioneering British progressive rock group of musicians from mixed artistic backgrounds.

         They are famed for their unforgettable live performances and 'Art Rock' music - the quasi classical imprints of Terry Riley hooked onto beautiful and demonic violin combined with electronic adventurous synths and interwoven with brilliant guitar wizardry mesmerisingly embroidered by the subliminal and exotic presence of a unique girl lead singer Sonja Kristina. All these elements elevated them from the underground Roundhouse scene to top the album charts in the early '70s.

         Along with High Tide and East of Eden, Curved Air was one of the first rock bands after It's A Beautiful Day and The United States of America to feature an electric violin, inspiringly and dramatically explored by the excellent Darryl Way and now by the dynamic Grzegorz Gadziomski .Original keyboard player/guitarist Francis Monkman was the trailblazer for future 'electronica' and ambient extemporization. Robert Norton has inherited this sonic template and himself a spinner of ethereal soundscapes extends the boundaries towards further horizons while drummer Andy Tween is a charismatic energetic expressive player who succeeded Florian Pilkington Miksa on drums after Florian sadly passed away in 2021 . Chris Harris' bass guitar artistry, provides the expressive rhythmic pulse that is the Curved Air signature.

    Curved Air have to date released eight studio albums and though progressive innovators they were hailed as Pop Stars when their single, the sultry "Back Street Luv" was a Top 5 hit in 1971.

    The present line-up of Sonja Kristina, Andy Tween and Robert Norton ( From Sonja’s 1990’s Acid Folk band ) , Kirby Gregory on guitar ( from the celebrated ‘Aircut’ lineup of 1974 ) , Chris Harris, and Grzegorz Gadziomski are the latest brilliant players surrounding singer Sonja Kristina . They keep the Curved Air legacy fresh and relevant for the audiences of today .

    Kirby Gregory returned to Curved Air after 40 years in October 2013 to add his signature guitar sound. There is great chemistry and communication in this incarnation of Curved Air that the crowds love..."

    On 12th November 2012, much to the excitement of their fans and press worldwide, a Live CD/DVD titled 'Live Atmosphere' was released - 'Songs of revolution, insanity, loss, desire and ghosts: a unique compilation of powerful Curved Air songs played by a vital contemporary Curved Air'.

    A new studio album, ‘North Star’ the first in 36 years, was released worldwide by US label Cleopatra Records in 2014

    Created by the musicians and curated by Sonja who had kept the Curved Air flame alive since the Rebirth in 2008. The material evokes the beauty and experimentation of the original line up.
    The 45th Anniversary year was celebrated with a complete performance of the 1970 release ‘Air Conditioning ‘ which was released as Curved Air: ‘Live at Under the Bridge – The 45th Anniversary Concert, 2CD ‘
    There are a growing number of rare recordings available under the Curved Air rarities label .

    A new studio album is underway to be released in 2024 .

    2023 Curved Air will look for new territories and platforms to extend their reach . Streamed concerts . Acoustic shows even Virtual Reality whilst completing their newest offering.

Two Videos
Performed Live in Tokyo Japan 2020
Ichiban Girl Live in Tokyo   263Mb

232 Live in Tokyo    283Mb

Message from Sonja

From the Crazy World of Lockdown, at the time of the first UK vaccine approval, in celebration thereof, Arthur Brown, Sonja Kristina, Clem Burke, Glen Matlock, Chris Spedding, Josh Phillips, Tony Moore, Paul Tuthill and Paul Mitchell perform the Free classic. To raise awareness and to encourage contributions to Help Musicians in the UK.

Roger Dean and Sonja Kristina in conversation

Curved Air is pleased to announce the release of the latest volume of its Rarities Series – the definitive edition of Alive 1990.

Curved Air is pleased to announce the release of the latest volume of its Rarities Series
The definitive edition of Alive 1990

This release was prepared by Francis Monkman and features a newly written introduction by him, along with rare images and other notes all collected together in new cover artwork.

The album features the unique track, 20 Years On, but from a lower sound quality source than the rest of the album.

Alive 1990 is OUT NOW and available from:

CD Edition: https://geni.us/Alive1990

iTunes: https://geni.us/Alive1990iTunes

GooglePlay: https://geni.us/Alive1990GP

Spotify: https://geni.us/Alive1990Spotify


Curved Air Announce Plans for New Projects and the
Band’s 50th Anniversary Year in 2020.

Photo by Howard Rankin

Curved Air was formed in 1970 and ever present original member Sonja Kristina will be continuing to lead the band into the band’s 50th Anniversary year with a range of projects and a world tour.

The band will be recording a new studio album in 2020, along with contributing to the release of a 50th Anniversary Compilation which will include newly recorded tracks, featuring former and current members of the band, recording together in various combinations.

Curved Air will be touring the Americas, Japan, Europe and also appearing on Cruise to the Edge in 2020.

The 50th Anniversary year line-up has also been solidified with Curved Air welcoming back Kirby Gregory to the line-up after a break of 3 years. Kirby was originally in the heyday era line-up which recorded Air Cut in 1973. He returned to the band playing guitar for the recording of the very successful North Star album. Kirby was professionally committed to other projects from the end of 2015 until now, and he is looking forward to embarking on the 50th Anniversary World Tour in 2020.

The current line-up was completed when, after much searching, the band found and welcomed Grzegorz “Greg” Gadziomski to the line-up. Greg is a classically trained Violin player who likes to play in many genres but prefers Progressive Rock/Fusion as a particular passion. The band would like to acknowledge and thank Paul Sax who has decided to retire from touring after a lifelong career. Paul was a member of Curved Air from 2009 and the band wish him much happiness and peace in his retirement.

The accomplishments of the previous line-up and former members were recently showcased with the release of two titles on the band’s own Curved Air Records via Cherry Red: “The Curved Air Family Album” and “Live at Under the Bridge”.

Curved Air Under the Bridge

“The Curved Air Family Album” features 26 tracks including rare and unreleased band and solo recordings, including by current and former members which Sonja Kristina commented “How appropriate that many curved Air members past and present have contributed to a special collection called The Curved Air Family Album for our 50th year. I’m excited about this – it’s so great to hear all the unique sounds, surprising collaborations, eclectic songs and haunting instrumentals including from Francis Monkman, Darryl Way, Stewart Copeland, Kirby Gregory and Robert Norton – they all make for a very enjoyable double album.”

Amazon CD:
iTunes: https://geni.us/CAfamilyiTune
Google Play: https://geni.us/CAfamilyG
Spotify: https://geni.us/CAfamilySpotify

“Live at Under the Bridge” captures the band live playing Air Conditioning in its entirety, with special guests Darryl Way and Ian Eyre, as well as tracks from North Star and other Greatest Hits.  Of this release, Sonja Kristina said
“The 45th Anniversary of the release of Air Conditioning was a triumph of performance, musicianship, presentation and appreciative reception. Original and current members on stage together - what joy! Robert Norton’s pristine production perfectly captures the sound and energy of our night of celebration.”
Amazon CD: https://geni.us/CAbridge
iTunes: https://geni.us/CAbridgeiTunes
Google Play: https://geni.us/CAbridgeG
Spotify: https://geni.us/CAbridgeSpotify

Curved Air is:
Sonja Kristina
Kirby Gregory
Chris Harris
Robert Norton
Andy Tween
Grzegorz “Greg” Gadziomski

Curved Air’s 1984 single Renegade, and two other tracks from the same sessions, have all been re-released digitally.


The tracks were recorded by a line-up of Sonja Kristina and Darryl Way.

 This is the first time the songs have been re-released under the Curved Air name, and the first re-release of the single in its original form since 1984.


Curved Air is pleased to announce the third album of its rarities series on Curved Air Records.

 The Second British Rock Meeting 1972 is distributed via Cherry Red

Amazon CD  ::  iTunes

The sound quality is of astonishing fidelity for a live recordings from the early 1970s and features the ONLY known recording of the band improvising!

The last track is an extended jam and a version of the band’s hit Vivaldi – lasting well over 30 MINUTES!

with DVD

Released Date August 24th, 2018

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Curved Air is pleased to announce the release of the latest volume of its Rarities Series

 the definitive edition of Alive 1990

This release was prepared by Francis Monkman and features a newly written introduction by him,
along with rare images and other notes all collected together in new cover artwork.

The album features the unique track, 20 Years On, but from a lower sound quality source than the rest of the album.

Alive 1990 is OUT NOW and available from:

CD Edition: https://geni.us/Alive1990

iTunes: https://geni.us/Alive1990iTunes

GooglePlay: https://geni.us/Alive1990GP

Spotify: https://geni.us/Alive1990Spotify

Concept and album created by Darryl Way, novel written by Charles Shorwell.
Promo video for the release of 'The Rock Artist's Progress' Album and Novel on the 23rd September 2022, on Spirit of Unicorn Music, Cherry Red Records, iTunes and Amazon.

Darryl Way due to release 'Destinations 2' on Spirit of Unicorn Music, May 28th 2021

'Destinations 2' is a follow up to his critically acclaimed album 'Destinations', which was voted number 3 in Goldmine Magazine's top 100 albums of 2020.

Prog Rock said of this album:
"This is 'Guitar Hero' as arch-melody maker, putting his chops in service of each song's mood. This is an artist searching for and finding a fresh way to express his unquestionable talent".

Talking about his new album Darryl says:
"Like 'Destinations', 'Destinations 2' sets out to take the listener on a journey to far off and exotic locations, something that in reality is very difficult for us to do at the moment. These tracks are journeys of the mind and are my interpretation of the atmosphere's and music of each different location, from Sun Baked Mexico to Bohemian Budapest.

Set mostly in a 'Rock' format, the tracks are tempered by my new found love of playing the Guitar and my continuing love for playing the Violin. So the pieces themselves, lean towards genres where the Guitar and Violin are features of that particular style. However, when the music needs to be more expansive,

I have not been able to resist orchestrating it for full orchestra, giving the piece more cinematic depth.

As this music is essentially 'Program Music', I've also included in the sleeve notes of this album my descriptions of the pieces. As with works like Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' and Berlioz's 'Symphonie Fantastique', it's sometimes helpful for the listener to know what the composer's original intentions were.

Having said that, I'm just as happy for the listener to make up their own stories for the music.

Finally, I hope you enjoy this album as much as I did creating it".

Darryl Way :: Ocean Blues

is a track off the forthcoming album 'Destinations 2' due for release in February 2021

A piece designed to take away the stress of these troubled times and help remind
you of the sunshine and sea during the depths of winter. Hope it works for you. Darryl Way

with DVD

Released Date July 27, 2018

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Amazon CD  ::  iTunes

To mark the 50th anniversary of the creation of his classic rock anthem 'Vivaldi', Darryl Way has arranged and recorded the whole of Vivaldi's  masterpiece 'The Four Seasons' and given it the same 'rock' treatment.
Official website: https://www.darrylway.com/


Amazon CD :: iTunes

Curved Air’s best known songs include IT HAPPENED TODAY, VIVALDI and BACK STREET LUV.

It is the ORIGINAL sound recordings of the songs that are included here.
This is the FIRST CD release of this 1976 LP and cassette only collection, with new liner notes and remastered audio.
This release is endorsed by Curved Air and appears on the band’s own Curved Air Records.


Cherry Red Records
Amazon  ::  iTunes

New official remastered edition of curved air’s classic 1973 album remastered from the original master tapes for the very first time booklet includes liner notes with exclusive interview


Sonja Kristina appears on the new
The Dark Age of the Dragon album!


Amazon CD  ::  iTunes

Nearly 5 years after the last Excalibur album, Alan Simon’s rock opera returns to stores with a new full length studio album, The Dark Age of the Dragon.

The album features Sonja Kristina singing lead vocals on the song “The Passion”.

Sonja Kristina said of the album "The Passion is an absolutely beautiful song and I am very happy to have been invited to perform it on the fourth Excalibur album.”

Official Excalibur Facebook page: https://en-gb.facebook.com/Excalibur.The.Celtic.Rock.Opera/

Sonja Kristina

Amazon CD  ::  iTunes

This is the FIRST collection of her solo works and draws on recordings from her varied solo albums, along with rare and NEWLY RECORDED EXCLUSIVE TRACKS.

This Anthology has been personally compiled by Sonja, with custom cover art and her personal liner notes.
Sonja will be on tour both as a solo artist and with Curved Air as it builds up to its 50th anniversary year.

Underworld: Rock Opera
Curved Air Legend Darryl Way Releases 

Apple Music   :: 
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For more information: https://www.darrylway.com
Darryl Way is managed by QEDG Management

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA), glassonyonpr@gmail.com

Kirby’s 1976 single
Love Letters / The Flasher
available again as a digital single!


The Flasher can also be heard on Lovechild, however, this is the first release of Love Letters since the 70s!


Chris Harris
Solo Album 2016


Sonja Kristina
~ My Full Vintage

Sonja Kristina ~ My Guiding Light Award Speech


Photos from:
Under The Bridge - Sept 2015